Chaplain & Officiant

For over 20 years as a licensed wedding officiant/chaplain Manon Weber, a non-denominational minister who specializes in beautiful wedding ceremonies, has helped brides and grooms create the weddings of their dreams at the locations of their choice.

Chaplain Weber started performing weddings in 1998 as a favor to her daughter. Helping to unite couples turned out to be so enjoyable that she found herself officiating at more and more weddings. So in 2002, in Colorado where she lived at the time, she started Happy Feet Weddings LLC.

Since then chaplain Weber has climbed a mountain, rafted a river, ridden a horse, driven an ATV, lifted in a hot air balloon, straddled a motorcycle, and ascended in an aerial tram to get to weddings. She has officiated at weddings next to a fireplace, in a back yard, on a deck, under a trellis, next to a gazebo, on a pier, on a beach, in a forest, next to a cliff, by a waterfall, on a bridge, under a tree, in the snow, and yes, in a church and a chapel, too!

Chaplain Weber has been in ministry since 1979 after attending two years of Chaplain School and one year of Ministers Training School. She worked as a Chaplain for Hospice for nearly 3 years. She is currently licensed and ordained with Happy Feet Ministries, Inc.

Now located on the beautiful south shore of Lake Superior in Ashland Wisconsin, Chaplain Weber will travel within 100 miles to get to your wedding location — or if you prefer, you can get married in her wedding chapel in Ashland or on her son's beautiful property nearby.