How to Choose your Wedding Clergy?
Choosing your Officiant early is important. A good Officiant is a great resource and can help deal with many aspects of your wedding. Once you meet with someone you really like, do not delay in reserving him or her for your wedding. Remember most Officiants require a nonrefundable deposit to guarantee the date and time.

What is your first impression?
What is your first impression? Did you feel at ease? Are they professional in appearance and demeanor? Is their voice pleasant.

Will they explain their training, their experience and credentials?

Is this individual involved with any professional organization/associations? If so, does the organization have a professional code?

Is this person ordained? Licensed? Where did the ordination come from? "Ordination" is now available for purchase off the Internet - this isn't a true ordination. Ordination is God's way of confirming your call to ministry. What services are included?

Did your Officiant care?
Do you get the feeling this Officiant is a truly caring person who is interested, not only in a beautiful ceremony but also in the success of your marriage?

Will this Officiant honor your values and spiritual beliefs and help you to express them? Are they able to meet your unique religious/spiritual needs and requirements?

Do they exhibit a real willingness to create a ceremony that expresses exactly what you want to say to each other?

Can you speak up for yourself, ask for what you want and voice any objections you may have?

Can Families be Involved?
Do they have creative ways that allow friends and family to participate in your ceremony?

Does this Officiant offer premarital counseling? Is it optional or required? What are their fees?

Will they be available for a rehearsal if necessary or give rehearsal instruction?

In the unlikely event of an emergency, do they have professional backup?

Finally, is this the Officiant you want to share this incredibly special day with?

Obtaining a Marriage License in Wisconson

Marriage licenses in Wisconsin are available:
Ashland County Clerk’s Office
Courthouse Room 202
201 West Main Street
Ashland Wisconsin 54806
8:00 – 4:00PM
715 682 7000

The $60.00 fee MUST BE PAID IN CASH, and is valid for 30 days. Both parties need to be present and must sign at the time of filing for a marriage license, and must present valid ID and proof of age. Wisconsin law establishes a 5 day waiting period. This may be waved for an additional $10.00 fee if out of state Resident, Military …etc…

If either party is divorced, the county will require the date and place of the divorce. The divorce MUST BE FINAL. Widows or widowers need to supply the date and place of death of their former spouse.

The legal age without parental consent is 18 for both persons. For marriages of age 16-17, consent of BOTH parents or parent having legal custody (or guardian or judicial approval) is required.

Blood tests are not required in the state of Wisconsin.

The license must be used within 30 days of the date of issue, and used only in the State of Wisconsin.

It is best to obtain a copy of your marriage license (or your marriage license application,) to carry with you as proof of marriage for changing your name on your State ID, Driver's License, vehicle registration, insurance documents, and Social Security card. It is best to get your driver's license updated first, as many offices will require documentation and a state ID with your new name before processing a change request.

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