Zach & Nicole

Pastor Manon Weber was so great as our officiant! She was very clear how long she had been an officiant, and had many choices for wording and prayers, non-denominational and denominational, as well as giving you choices as to what you wanted her to say. She was very concise about the order of events and I really Like that she suggested to sign the license as part of the ceremony, so we were truly married when she announced us. the best par of her service, by far was the rehearsal. She gave the matron of honor and best man special roles to help us, she made sure everyone knew what they were doing and where they were supposed to be. I really appreciated how much expertise she had about the process. She even made sure to be the first one to give us a wedding gift when we signed our agreement with her, and wanted to match our colors with her robes she wore. We loved her! She's so great!!!! Thank you Nicole and Zach